Coronavirus information and centre updates

All contractors completing works on-site are required to complete a full induction. The first step of the process is an online induction.

To commence the induction process, please contact the Centre Management Office for Forest Lake Shopping Centre as inductions are by invitation only.

First time users are required to sign up and nominate a username and password. Once signed up, you can log back in with your unique details at any time.

Your insurance certificates can be uploaded via the online portal.  You will need to upload a copy of the following insurance certificates of currency:

  • Public Liability (of at least $20,000,000 per claim);
  • Professional Indemnity (of at least $10,000,000 per claim, if applicable); and
  • Workers Compensation

Note: If you are a subcontractor, then prior to you completing the online induction, you will need to ensure that your Principal Contractor has also completed the online induction and has provided the Centre with copies of their insurance certificates of currency.  If your Principal Contractor has provided the Centre with copies of their insurance certificates of currency, then you will not need to upload them.

Once your online induction is complete, a brief meeting will also be conducted on site with a Forest Lake Shopping Centre Operations staff member once all of the above has been completed and your induction card will then be issued. You will need to contact the Operations staff member at the Centre to organise a time to attend the on-site meeting.

Thank you for taking the time to complete your induction online. Should you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.