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Make your own pottery at home

Take the stress out of finding the perfect gift and hand make your loved ones presents this year!

Because there’s nothing more thoughtful and sentimental like a homemade gift, is there? The effort and special thought you put into customising each meaningful keepsake will be so appreciated and is sure to take pride of place in their homes.

The art of handmade pottery has experienced a huge resurgence lately and as well as producing beautiful homewares, it’s a wonderfully therapeutic way to relax and unwind by working hands on with the clay. While it takes some practice, the feeling of finishing a piece that you’ve built yourself is so satisfying and worthwhile.

To get started, you can either purchase materials (clay, carving tools and glaze etc.) from your local art store or online supplier.

An awesome entry into hand building pottery is to create a simple pinch pot or pinch pot vase. Created from a single lump of clay, pinch pots are often the first forms created when beginning to work in clay. These pots are made by literally pinching the clay into the shape you desire, no other tools are necessary. All you need is clay and a table to work at. A vase would make a stunning gift for friends and family. Fill it with a pretty bouquet of dried flowers that will adorn their tabletops for seasons to come.

Clay jewellery and trinket dishes are also a beautiful item to hand build at home. We love how you can mix up the variety of styles and create quirky gifts with personality.

Another great option to ease in to crafting at home is to buy a ready-to-go ceramics kit. We love the range of kits Crockd have to offer. They include everything you need to start making from hand-building clay to special carving tools and step-by-step instructions to bring your ‘crafternoon’ to life.

They even have a kiln locator so you can easily find your nearest kiln to get your gifts fired and ready for wrapping!

Your lucky gift recipients will treasure their new handmade pottery piece in their home forever.